Life as an Indian Engineer in a Tech startup in Tokyo

Everyday life in Japan as a foreigner and working as an engineer in a Robotics startup (GinzaFarm)

Life in Japan is truly one of a kind. From a foreigner's perspective, the country has a unique aura around it which makes it super attractive not only as a travel destination but also as a hub for career opportunities. I am a recent engineering graduate that started off my career in this country and I must say, it has been incredible so far. It has been a month and a half so far in Japan and I've learnt a lot. To start off one's career in a different country, far away from the comfort of one's home and family is challenging in itself, but to endure the existing COVID-19 pandemic as well really tests one's commitment and perseverance and mental grit. 

Work-life in Japan is really straight forward. There's a no-nonsense no excuse culture and everyone works hard from sunrise to sunset. It imbibes a discipline in you which adds value to your life down the long run. Everything works like clockwork and everyone around you is always engrossed in what they do. Being in such an environment really trains your habits and one becomes more productive and manages time efficiently. 

My company is a tech startup and mainly deals with robotics and automating the farming sector. My primary role is to handle a particular segment in the robot and develop efficient means to successfully deploy that segment. There's cutting edge technology available to us at the workplace which we are given full authority to utilize. We are equipped with some of the best technology money can buy. The management is really supportive at Ginzafarm and lets us try and learn as much as possible through our work. Work timings are from 9 to 6 6.30 every day, 5 days a week. The company is aiming to revolutionize farming altogether by developing a robot that can automate all procedures in the farm. It aims to incorporate AI and robotics to make a self-propelled bot that can harvest, track and record vital information about crops on its own. I am at the heart of this development and am extremely blessed to receive such experience so early on in my career.

The career opportunities are endless here in Japan. It's all about effort and dedication. The impeccable work culture, the polite Japanese people and a beautiful country filled with endless sights to see make Japan a dream destination to any aspiring Indian student. I urge everyone to check it out themselves and learn the language.  A million doors open for you if you learn the Japanese language and you can truly make your career turn around by coming here. 

Also, my roommate and I travel around during the weekend and wish to showcase life in Japan from our perspective. If you are interested in knowing more, do check our Instagram travel page out. You won't regret it. @projectxploree

Cheers. Stay safe. Stay indoors.

Acharya, Akshay


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